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1889 Héritage

“1889 Héritage”, a range created as a tribute to our founders Lucien & Paul Sapin.


1889 is an historic date, rich in meaning for us because of the creation of our house wine, but also in terms of our international influence, since that year saw the inauguration of the Tour Eiffel during the Paris Universal Exhibition.

Positioned to meet our established high standards, “1889 Héritage” was born.

1889 Héritage, the emblem of our company, is splendid in its luxury packaging, worthy of the “haute couture” wine which you are about to taste.

The wines are from a selection of parcels in the finest terroirs of Pays d’Oc, harvested manually and vinified by our winemaker with the help of our partners and an high-tech equipment.

These 2 varieties are matured in barrels for 6 to 9 months in order to bring complexity to the wines.

Our red wine


Vintage 2013
Concours Général Agricole
Bronze Medal

The instant you see it, allow yourself to be seduced by its intense red hue with brilliant ruby reflections. The nose is rich with notes of violets and blackberries. On the palate, it surprises by its finesse and softness, and also by the maturity of its tannins.


Our white wine:


A white wine of rare finesse and elegance, with a lovely golden-green colour.
The nose expresses a fine aromatic intensity, mixing notes of white blossom followed by citrus. The attack on the palate is clean and pleasant, followed by a nice balance, aromatic strength and a fresh finish.


Other wines in our “Excellence” range

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