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Hope Bay

Discover our range of lively, crisp, aromatic wines from the Breede River Valley

South Africa's wine-growing region is bordered by mountains on the north, east and west and the Atlantic Ocean on the south. Combined with a Mediterranean-type climate, this location is ideal for growing vines. No wonder it's one of the world's best wine-producing regions.
This is where Paul Sapin’s oenologists discovered an outstanding vineyard that we're delighted to introduce you to today.

Hope Bay is a range with the unmatched style of South African wines, characterised by subtle aromas of exotic fruits.

They come from Western Cape province, at Africa's southern tip. The new range celebrates the annual sight of the southern right whales migrating to this part of the world to give birth and suckle their pups. Their passing is a long-standing characteristic of the region, just like the grape harvests that signify the passing of a season.

South African reds



You say syrah, they say shiraz. However it's pronounced, local shiraz wines can taste like smoky, spicy wines that, like Cabernet, become more complex with age.


South African whites

Chenin Blanc (Steen)

Chenin Blanc offers a range of sweet and dry South African wines with fruity flavours. It is also used to make sherry, fine eau-de-vie, sparkling wines and spirits.

Chenin Blanc (Steen)


This grape variety produces South Africa's finest sweet and dry white wines, which smell like melon-whiffs with spicy or herby nuances./p>

South African rosé

Pinotage Rosé

Pinotage Rosé

A fresh wine with plum, cherry and candy-floss aromas. The long finish is pleasantly soft and persistent.


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