Innovation and quality

Innovation and quality


A lighter, more convenient, re-sealable PET bottle guaranteeing an 18-month shelf-life. Twelve years of experience and three years of R&D in PET technology in partnership with the industry’s global leaders have led to the creation of our new PET MLP®… Read More »PET / MLP


Innovation Innovation: one of our key lines of development Our innovations result from close collaboration between our Marketing, Sales, Production and Quality teams, which are always listening to our customers’ needs and aware of the latest market trends. The continuous improvement of our products and their packaging, as well as the ability to propose newRead More »Innovation

Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment Our goal: to remain on the cutting edge to offer our customers quality products based on our security procedures Every day we innovate and think of our customers and the quality of service they rightfully expect. Every Paul Sapin employee has made this state of mind his or her own. Our four qualityRead More »Quality Commitment