Innovation: one of our key lines of development

Our innovations result from close collaboration between our Marketing, Sales, Production and Quality teams, which are always listening to our customers’ needs and aware of the latest market trends.

The continuous improvement of our products and their packaging, as well as the ability to propose new packaging and image concepts, has always been Paul Sapin’s strength.
Innovation has enabled us to access very different markets by offering our consumers unparalleled products true to our spirit.

A glimpse of our innovations:


Paul Sapin developed a new generation of wine bottles.

img innovation petmlp

A lighter, more convenient, re-sealable PET MLP® bottle with multiple layers that guarantee a one-year shelf-life.

More information in the PET/MLP section

Petit voyage : a brand new concept totally adapted to contemporary lifestyle !.

img petit voyage ligne 03 colonne gWe are proud to introduce a unique concept:a 187ml re-sealable bottle with a 100% recyclable cup, sealed for hygiene..
Petit voyage, a new range including 3 varieties : Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc et Syrah Rosé.