Quality Commitment

Our goal: to remain on the cutting edge to offer our customers quality products based on our security procedures

Every day we innovate and think of our customers and the quality of service they rightfully expect. Every Paul Sapin employee has made this state of mind his or her own.

Our four quality commitments:


  • Anticipating, comprehending and meeting our customers’ needs
  • Promoting and developing the company’s image with flagship products and energising the market


  • Completely controlling the quality of products and services
  • Supplying products that comply with our in-house policy and applicable legal requirements

Taking a long view:

  • Ensuring the company’s long-term viability and growth
  • Continuously improving our performances


  • Involving staff in the company’s policy
  • Caring about our employees

At the heart of the food and drink industry

Food safety is at the heart of our quality system. Everything has been designed to make our production processes safe. That is our role as a link in the food and drink chain and we take it seriously every day.

We belong to a group of auditors specialising in food and drink. The Burgundy ARIA (Regional Association of Food Industries) organises these exchanges, which allow us to stay on the cutting edge of the latest quality trends.

A state-of-the-art laboratory

Our lab has the latest FOSS technology for the physiochemical analysis of our wines, enabling us to guarantee their quality at every step in the production process.
We also belong to an inter-laboratory network allowing us to validate our findings and measurements for maximum reliability.

Concrete results

Our efforts have paid off: our site has obtained the most demanding international food quality and safety certifications:

IFS Food v.6, Higher Level
a standard for the food and drink industry “IFS Certificate”

BRC Food Certificated Col tcm307 89387BRC Food Standard, Grade B+ :
Audit Program : Unannounced Option 1
A standard for the food and drink industry “BRC Certificate”

certification of organic wines “ECOCERT Certificate”

certification of fair trade wines “FAIRTRADE Certificate”

Major names in the retail industry put their trust in us and actively participate in the continuous improvement of our performances. These partner customers guarantee the effectiveness of our processes.