Just Duo : a brand suited to consumption on the move

Playful and serious at the same time, JUST has the suppleness that today’s wine drinkers have come to expect. Our range of convenient, dynamic and attractive products can be enjoyed any time. People can choose whatever variety and format they like depending on their tastes, lifestyle and needs of the moment — a modern approach that benefits from all of Paul Sapin’s know-how and guarantees.

Our red wines:


The name of this variety derives from the Occitan word merlau, the young of the merle, or blackbird, which loves to eat these grapes. Grown primarily in the Bordelais until the early 20th century, it is very popular with wine-lovers, mainly because the wines are supple and fruity.


Our white wines:


Vintage 2013
Silver Medal

Sauvignon Blanc has a reputation for being hard to grow but it flourishes in Languedoc Roussillon, where the light, sandy, pebbly soil facilitates perfect drainage and helps restore the heat stored up during the day to the vines at night.

Our rosé wine:



Cinsault. We were won over by this dry, fruity, elegant wine with red fruit aromas recalling strawberry and raspberry.

Just also comes in 18.7cl, 25cl and 37.5cl bottles. Feel free to ask us.

Other wines in our “New talents” range

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