Our team’s skills and our state-of-the-art technology are at your service for your next assortment.

Paul Sapin is in the heart of the Beaujolais. Since the group was founded, one of its major strengths has been the ability to offer industry professionals tailor-made products based on the market requirements they wish to meet.

An assortment of wine is much more than just bottles and labels. It’s a matter of mastering the technical process while respecting the wine’s complexity.

That philosophy guides our work and allows us to offer our customers labelling and packaging that match the wine’s spirit.

Our team of service providers’ 15 years of experience results in quality work based on know-how.

A quick glimpse at our process

We offer every possible packaging solution to meet your needs.
Our production unit is perfectly geared towards various containers including
« glass, PET, PET MLP or Pouch » in several formats.
Our experts’ professionalism allows us to advise you on the choice of components of dry materials (labels, boxes, caps and bottles) in order to achieve better value for money. When the wine reaches our facilities, it is transferred to our cooled, stainless steel tanks under inert gas.

Traceability analyses are performed with “Winescan”, an infrared technology that ensures your wine’s maximum traceability.

Our bottling lines use the “NOMASENS” system to control the dissolved oxygen, allowing the wine to preserve all its qualities.

An in-house tasting panel and a laboratory round out the facilities to painstakingly monitor the wines.

Once the product is finished, we can store your entire production at our temperature-controlled facilities, helping to guarantee your wines’ organoleptic qualities.

The whole process complies with IFS and BRC Higher Level certification standards.

The quality of our service has led many of our French and international partners to put their trust in us to promote their wines.