Chile: the passion of an intense land

Chile’s location between mountains and the ocean foster the ideal conditions for growing good vines and making powerful, harmonious wines with admirably balanced fruit aromas.

The vineyards of Chile’s Central Valley stretch out in terraces along the River Teno behind the foothills of the Rauco Mountains towards the coast.

This is the same region where Paul SAPIN oenologists discovered Paulita, a wine typical of Chile’s quality production. The Central Valley vineyards bring together favourable climate conditions. The estate we cooperate with boasts state-of-the-art equipment and uses oak barrels from France and the USA.

Our red wine

Paulita Reserve CabSauv 75cl

Cabernet Sauvignon

An expedition to flavours at the other end of the world. From this generous but uncompromising land comes a powerful, harmonious red with aromas of very ripe red fruits to be enjoyed with grilled meats.

Our white wine

Paulita Reserve Sauv Blanc 75cl

Sauvignon Blanc

The passion of an intense land, in the heart of the Central Valley, yields this magnificently fruity white with highly concentrated floral scents that can add an exotic note to your meals. A veritable invitation to travel.


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