Paul Sapin

Paul Sapin


More than an estate: a partnership for an outstanding wine Château Blomac is an elegant 18th-century building and a 130-hectare estate in the heart of Languedoc, a land rich in history, culture and traditions. Its wines are the fruit of… Read More »Blomac

La Perle

Perle: a name that reflects the bottle’s elegance and the wine’s quality La Perle pays tribute to Péroline Sapin, a wine pioneer who was ahead of her time. Her spirit and stick-to-itiveness helped make the name Paul Sapin a synonym… Read More »La Perle

Domaine des Prades

Terroir and character in an exceptional environment. Situated in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) area, Domaine des Prades is located at Saint Pantaléon les Vignes, in the Provençal part of the Drôme Department.… Read More »Domaine des Prades

Domaine Peirière

A 400-year-old family estate Domaine Peirière is a large wine estate in the heart of the Minerve area. Olivier, an expert vintner who inherited the property and the family tradition, carefully tends the vines. The 230-hectare estate, in the heart… Read More »Domaine Peirière