Key figures

Millions of bottles sold worldwide

Since it was founded, Paul Sapin, a French wine merchant whose brands include wines from the best regions, has been on the cutting edge of innovative, high-quality packing and tailor-made customer service.

In 1999 the company launched a massive investment plan including the building of a new, more spacious site in La Chapelle de Guinchay. In 2006 production capacity doubled.

The parent company’s in-depth knowledge of the Irish and English markets has allowed it to substantially boost sales of small bottles on those markets, which are very receptive to our specific offer.

In 2016 new resources joined the team, opening up fresh growth prospects for the company, which enjoys an atypical position in the wine industry. The number of employees steadily grew from three to 70 people over a 15-year period.



graph-inter enPaul Sapin’s revenues have soared from less than €1 million to €27 million in the past 20 years.
The company traditionally focuses on exports, which account for 85% of its sales.


Paul Sapin’s high-quality, innovative, international approach has enabled it to develop leadership in several complementary areas. The company can be found on traditional distribution networks in many countries, on planes and trains and in major retail chains on three continents.

Paul Sapin wines from our prestigious estates can be found on restaurant tables, in small or traditional bottles on the shelves of major retailers and even in small PET/MLP bottles in planes, stadiums and concert halls.