Our team

Specialists deeply involved on a daily basis.

Paul Sapin has grown by leaps and bounds over the years: our team has increased from three people in 1996 to 70 today, each specialising in his or her own field. Nothing is left to chance in our company: from sourcing wines to selling them, from logistics to promoting our lines, everybody does his or her best because they all know that quality, ethics and respect for customers and suppliers ensure lasting success.

From selection to sales

Oenologists: Our experts keep a watchful eye on the vineyards, already ready to select only the finest vintages. Paul Sapin and the estates that supply it with wine work closely together in a spirit of true partnership.

Production: Our team works with bottling lines that use state-of-the-art technology. Our technical command allows us to work efficiently at each step in the production process.

Quality: Our specialists perform the quality inspections necessary to ensure maximum traceability of our products

R&D and Marketing: Innovation is part of our DNA. We’re always on the lookout for new consumer trends in order to develop products that can make everyday life easier.

The sales team:An five-person team of wine industry professionals — four based in France and one in Hong Kong — has been set up to meet your needs.

Administration and finances: This team produces, analyses and releases financial information, administratively manages the company and participates in the budget & strategy planning processes with the aim of enhancing performance and ensuring long-term success.

The team


Key figures

Key figures Millions of bottles sold worldwide Since it was founded, Paul Sapin, a French wine merchant whose brands include wines from the best regions, has been on the cutting edge of innovative, high-quality packing and tailor-made customer service. In 1999 the company launched a massive investment plan including the building of a new, moreRead More »Key figures